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The overall youth participation rate in voluntary activities across the European Union is only 16.8%, with lower rates in rural areas. Rural areas often face limited economic opportunities, higher levels of poverty, and unemployment compared to urban areas. Additionally, they often possess unique cultural heritage that is at risk of being lost or forgotten. Cultural heritage is a valuable asset for rural development and can contribute to social and economic well-being.

There is a strong need to support rural development through local tourism and cultural heritage promotion for economic growth, job creation, and community development. Improving digital skills, especially in rural areas with limited access, is essential, along with promoting sustainable tourism practices that respond to the need for both sustainable tourism development and cultural heritage preservation.

The objective of MineTOUR is to empower young individuals from rural areas to become active citizens and engage with civic societies, while promoting local tourism of their hometowns and safeguarding their cultural heritage through the use of digital means.


MineTOUR addresses the imperative need for rural development by focusing on two key aspects: enhancing digital skills among young people and promoting sustainable tourism practices.

The project consortium has developed a compendium of learning resources and activities focusing on civic engagement and digital literacy among youth. Utilizing tools like the Interactive Map, participants are guided in promoting local tourism. The initiative strategically integrates sustainable tourism practices using Minecraft game, aiming to drive economic growth and community development in rural areas, while actively enhancing digital skills in regions with limited access—thereby contributing to the social and economic well-being of rural communities.


(1) A toolkit for young people: A set of modular materials aimed to motivate young people to become active by learning how to touristically promote their hometowns using digital means.

(2) Tourism Through Minecraft Worlds: A game promoting challenges about cultural diversity in rural areas to increase the sense of respect and responsibility. 

(3) MineTOUR Interactive Map: A platform for youngsters to create their own touristic e-portfolios promoting their hometown.

Specific Objectives

  • Encourage young individuals from rural areas to participate in developing and promoting local tourism becoming proud active citizens in their own hometowns.
  • Equip them with digital tools for effective promotion and engagement with civil societies.
  • Provide necessary resources and networks to showcase hometowns and foster local tourism. 
  • Promote cross-cultural exchange and collaboration among rural youth in Europe.
  • Raise awareness of sustainable and socially responsible tourism practices.