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Author: Author CARDET


Press Release – April 2024


In rural areas, where young people often face unique challenges such as limited economic opportunities, higher levels of poverty, and unemployment compared to their urban counterparts, the overall youth participation rate in voluntary activities across the European Union is only 16.8%.

The European Union recognizes the importance of supporting rural development and preserving cultural heritage as essential components of sustainable growth and community well-being. In its “Agenda for Rural Development,” the EU emphasizes the need to promote local tourism and cultural heritage to stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and foster community development.

Furthermore, the EU’s Digital Agenda prioritizes improving digital skills, particularly in rural areas with limited access to digital infrastructure. By enhancing digital literacy and promoting the use of technology, the EU aims to bridge the digital divide and empower rural communities to participate fully in the digital economy.

In line with these objectives, the EU encourages the adoption of sustainable tourism practices that balance economic development with environmental conservation and cultural preservation.

To address the challenge, a team of universities and oganisations came together to empower the youth in rural communities and elevate their competences, preparing them for the digital era: University of Cyprus – Cyprus, Learning Seed – Greece, CARDET – Cyprus, ATERMON – Netherlands, Asociacion CON VALORES – Spain, and INCDT – Romania.

The MineTOUR project focuses on empowering young individuals from rural areas to become active citizens and engage with civic societies while promoting local tourism in their hometowns and safeguarding their cultural heritage through the use of digital means.